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How SEO Impacts Your Websites Search Rankings
The old trope is that 'content is king.' If it's true, then SEO is the crown and a content-king without a crown is just another set of content claiming it's the ruler.
Why a Professional Custom Website is a Good Idea
Smart business owners realize that one of the most important marketing tools they possess is a high-quality website. In today's highly competitive marketplace, websites can't just be aesthetically appealing and provide basic information. Gone are the days of having a slick, online brochure of a site.
Congress Nullifies Broadband Privacy Rules
In 2016, Congress signed a bill meant to protect internet users' private data by requiring ISPs to obtain consumer consent before selling user data to third parties. But Congress signed a new bill that will prevent the privacy rule from ever going into effect.
5 Common Mistakes When Looking for an SEO Company
Many small companies reach a point where they decide to hire an SEO agency to market their business online. For those that aren't well aware of what online marketing entails, you may be making these 5 common mistakes when choosing an SEO company.
Google Update to Chrome 56
If your web site is still using HTTP, your site may be at risk of being flagged as “not secure”. What does this mean for your website?
Six Things You Should Know to Successfully Manage Your Web Site
What you should know about the basic functions of different roles and services needed to manage your domain name, email, web site, traffic analysis and filtering.