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Finding a Budget
What % of small - mid market businesses have a line item in their budget for "website". I'd recommend picking a number lower than 1. 2017 is right around the corner, let's see if we can reach a positive integer.
Having a Website is Worthless
Correctly using web technology is putting smart companies ahead of the competition. Web tech is evolving constantly and many businesses are simply unsure of how to best leverage it specifically for them. Unless you develop a purpose, a plan, a sound strategy, then having a web site, an app, a social media profile is worthless.
9 Ways On-Page SEO Improves Web Marketing Campaigns
Essentially, there are two types of search engine optimization - on-page and off-page. Off-page SEO are the factors that are not so easy to control such as links, which require cooperation with an external source. On-page SEO factors, however, are those that we control 100 percent.
How to Use Social Media to Improve Web Traffic
If properly implemented an actively engaged social media presence can easily increase web traffic.
Getting Back to Using Real Links
If you are still building links to your website solely with intentions to game Google, you might not have heard of Penguin. Since its release in 2012, Penguin has brought the hammer down on link spam and websites that still employ it. Link manipulation is now a serious no-no and could cause your website to be banned from Google search results for up to a year or longer if you make no initiative to clean up your site.
6 Reasons You Should Upgrade to a Responsive Website
We have not made it a secret here at Addison that Google wants website owners to update their sites to become mobile friendly. One of the two ways (and most preferred way for small businesses) of doing that is to make your website responsive. If we have not already given you enough reasons why it is important to make the jump, here are six more.